The Berlin Offensive – #3.07 – Headliner: Shahak Shapira on 25/04/2020

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The Berlin Offensive returns as a monthly showcase, featuring Berlin’s darkest comedians; it’s a show for people who believe that the only good baby joke is a dead baby joke.

Featuring A FREE SHOT (or more!) and the comedic stylings of:

Our headliner:

Shahak Shapira is an Israel-born, Berlin-based comedian. Being a pro German comedian, Shahak is mostly known for things that have nothing to do with comedy, such as his art projects YOLOCAUST, #HeyTwitter and the 90’S BOILER ROOM – all gaining major attention all over the world. He was head writer and host of his own sketch comedy show „Shapira Shapira“ that ran for two seasons on the public German TV channel ZDFneo, and has toured all over Germany with his first stand up special “German Humor”. Shahak also wrote two best-selling books (the second one reaching first place of the Amazon bestseller charts on release day), a bunch of petty tweets and two very aggressive Yelp reviews after not having the balls for a real confrontation.
Oliver Polak Oliver Polak is from Papenburg in northern Germany and is the only Jewish-German comedian on the planet. He pulls no punches about confronting the demons of Germany’s past – because they’ve shaped his life. But at the core of Polak’s humor is a provocative, self-deprecating persona that breaks with his German contemporaries by unabashedly tackling anachronistic societal structures and cultural norms with intentionally anti-social comedy. That his comedy is dark may come as no surprise but his accolades from a once-inhospitable country may be. ‬
Ori HalevyOri Halevy is a well known Israeli and international TV and Cinema writer and standup comedian and one of the founders of the successful Epic comedy club in Berlin. His funny “go for broke” improvisational style has him performing every night in different venues in Berlin and throughout Europe and Asia. No two shows of his are the same! He will give YOU the audience the option to tell him how low you want to go. Write down topics, put them in a hat and he will address them, brace yourself and remember, you asked for it.
Nir GottleidHosting the event will be our very own Nir Gottleid (IL), an Israeli comic who has performed in the US, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel. He has come to Germany to, as he says, “make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations”; he would prefer to date Germans to achieve his goal, but sadly German women have intelligence, common sense, and eyes — therefore he’s forced to do comedy instead. His combination of dark humor, self-deprecation, and obscene “dad jokes” will leave him in stitches, because you are very likely to stab him after his set.

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