The Berlin Offensive #3.04 – Headliner: Tyrone Stallone on 28/12/2019

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The Berlin Offensive returns as a monthly showcase, featuring Berlin’s darkest comedians; it’s a show for people who believe that the only good baby joke is a dead baby joke.

Featuring A FREE SHOT (or more!) and the comedic stylings of:

Jet Set Ty RoneThe evening’s headliner is Tyrone Stallone (US), an American comedian, writer, actor, and music producer. A natural entertainer, Tyrone began performing at a young age in shopping malls and at school. He never wanted to do stand up comedy, and only attended a class because he had a crush on the instructor. His comedy is irreverent and delightfully outrageous. A mix of story-telling and observations about his travels, American culture and self-improvement.
Lena StolbyLena Stolby (USSR) is a Russian comedian who is good at talking and bad at life. You can find her hosting Berlin’s weekly shows Last Stand Comedy and Another Comedy Show.
A daughter of KGB parents, Lena played Prince of Persia in the building of the Russian Parliament when she was six and it has been going downhill for her ever since. Russia was too small for her comedic talent, so she chose Germany instead, as geography was never her strong side. She’s been a part of Berlin’s comedy scene since 2015, which is longer than she ever managed to maintain a relationship. But she’ll probably tell you about that.
Hosting the evening will be The our very own Chris Doering (GDR), a former Kabarettist and current stand-up comedian. He’s opened for Anthony Jeselnik, Jim Gaffigan, Andy Haynes, Ian Fidance and produced Jamali Maddix. Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, a good Nazi joke followed by a fart joke, headlining international comedy shows in Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Netherlands, Hungary, Mexico, Austria, Poland and running comedy shows in Berlin, like Laughing Spree Comedy, Propaganda Comedy, Laughing Bearlin, The Eastern European Comedy Special, The Berlin Offensive and Director’s Cut.

Doors are 20:30 – show starts 21:00

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