The Berlin Offensive 23.02.19 – Headliner: Paul Salamone on 23/02/2019

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The Berlin Offensive returns as a monthly showcase, featuring Berlin’s darkest comedians.

The Berlin Offensive is a non-stop cavalcade of offensive humor, holocaust jokes, and vivid discussions of necrophilia. Three comics will take to the stage to discuss such wide ranging topics from pediatric cancer to why Germans love asparagus so much.

All those jokes that you secretly wanted to hear but should not have been uttered in polite company? Here they come.

Featuring A FREE SHOT (or more!) and the comedic stylings of:

The evening’s headliner is former Buddhist Paul Salamone (US), who lost himself sometime in the mid-2000s in a haze of alcohol and Berlin hedonism, only to reemerge year later as one of Europe’s top comedians. He currently performs in English and German and can be seen regularly as audience warm-up act at German TV show Neo Magazine Royale. He is also host of Germany’s longest-running English open mic We Are Not Gemüsed and is the co-founder of the Berlin Standup School (along with comedy partner Caroline Clifford). His comedy is raw, energetic, and deeply influenced by the sexual repression of his Catholic upbringing. Expect him to let it all out at The Berlin Offensive!
Dharmander SinghBased in Berlin, Germany, Birmingham born Dharmander Singh has been entertaining crowds from Amsterdam to Dubai for over 15 years.
A comedy festival regular, Dharmander performed at Edinburgh Fringe and Birmingham Comedy Festival in 2017 with his acclaimed one-man show “Bollywood and Birmingham to Berlin and Brexit” for the first time. This show travels in regular intervals through European countries such as Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Last year he was part of the Edinburgh Fringe again and also performed his show in the Angel Comedy Club in London, in Birmingham and in Amman, Jordan.
He has appeared on BBC radio on several occasions and featured in the Scottish BAFTA winning film “Crying with Laughter”. His style of comedy is light-hearted, captivating, warm, entertaining and energetic with smatterings of social and political commentary.
Lena StolbyLena Stolby (USSR) is a Russian comedian who is good at talking and bad at life. You can find her hosting Berlin’s weekly shows Last Stand Comedy and Another Comedy Show.
A daughter of KGB parents, Lena played Prince of Persia in the building of the Russian Parliament when she was six and it has been going downhill for her ever since. Russia was too small for her comedic talent, so she chose Germany instead, as geography was never her strong side. She’s been a part of Berlin’s comedy scene since 2015, which is longer than she ever managed to maintain a relationship. But she’ll probably tell you about that.
Nir GottleidThe evening is hosted by Nir Gottleid (IL), an Israeli comic who has performed in the US, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Israel. He has come to Germany to, as he says, “make Germans feel uncomfortable as a form of reparations”; he would prefer to date Germans to achieve his goal, but sadly German women have intelligence, common sense, and eyes — therefore he’s forced to do comedy instead. His combination of dark humor, self-deprecation, and obscene “dad jokes” will leave him in stitches, because you are very likely to stab him after his set.

Doors are 20:30 – show starts 21:00

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