The Berlin Offensive #2.04 – Headliner: Jet Set Ty Rone on 29/12/2018

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The Berlin Offensive returns as a monthly showcase, featuring Berlin’s darkest comedians.

The Berlin Offensive is a non-stop cavalcade of offensive humor, holocaust jokes, and vivid discussions of necrophilia. Three comics will take to the stage to discuss such wide ranging topics from pediatric cancer to why Germans love asparagus so much.

All those jokes that you secretly wanted to hear but should not have been uttered in polite company? Here they come.

Featuring A FREE SHOT (or more!) and the comedic stylings of:

Jet Set Ty RoneThe evening’s headliner is Jet Set Ty Rone (US), an American comedian, writer, actor, and music producer. A natural entertainer, Ty began performing at a young age in shopping malls and at school. He never wanted to do stand up comedy, and only attended a class because he had a crush on the instructor. His comedy is irreverent and delightfully outrageous. A mix of story-telling and observations about his travels, American culture and self-improvement.
Freddi GralleFor many years, the only stages Freddi Gralle (DE) spent much time on were those in church. Now she is doing comedy – so being judgmental comes in handy.
Her dazzling sense of self-entitlement guides her to tackle the existential questions in life: God, sex or the upsides of PMS. Freddi’s voice is life-affirming but sarcastic, with a strong preference for the auto-biographic.
Lisa Frischemeier (DE) was born and raised in Duisburg, the German New Jersey, but she doesn’t like to talk about it.
As a performer she has an intriguing combination of likeability and cold-hearted pragmatism. Which might be why at least one TripAdvisor reviewer has described her as “HIGHLY DISTURBING”. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with her hilarious, life-affirming comedy. Or maybe it does. As one audience member said after a show: “she doesn’t cut to the bone, she cuts right through it.”
Ian BuckleyIan Buckley (UK): Originally from North-East England, Ian’s comedy reflects his life. Friendly, absurd, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes plain silly. After years of cutting his teeth as a professional musician and compere across the UK, he finally gave in and became a comedian. Since then he has co-written and produced sketches for Metabohème (TELE 5’s anti-late night show) and has performed extensively in his adopted home town of Berlin, Germany. Ian hosts Adorable Creatures – English Language Comedy Show every Friday with his Swedish wife Zackarias Branzell, and dreams of one day eating an apple. Achievable dreams people, achievable dreams!
The evening is hosted by our very own Francesco Kirchhoff, one of the hardest-gigging comedians of the Berlin scene and a constant fixture of most shows here, freshly returned from a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His comedy explores extremes and self-serving absurdities with rapid-fire punchlines—ok, it’s mostly jokes about Nazis.

Doors are 20:30 – show starts 21:00

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