Berlin Offensive 30.11.19 – Headliner: Hugleikur Daggson on 30/11/2019

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The Berlin Offensive returns as a monthly showcase, featuring Berlin’s darkest comedians; it’s a show for people who believe that the only good baby joke is a dead baby joke.

Featuring A FREE SHOT (or more!) and the comedic stylings of:

Headlining the evening, Hugleikur Dagsson (IS) is an icelandic cartoonist/writer/comedian who was born in 1977 and has since then been breathing air and making jokes.

He has published about 20 books, written 3 plays and 1 animated TV show. He also does stand-up comedy and the occasional art project.

English translations of his cartoons can be found in books such as Your are nothing, I hate Dolphins, My Pussy is hungry, Bestsellers and the Popular Hits series.

Freddi GralleFor many years, the only stages Freddi Gralle (DE) spent much time on were those in church. Now she is doing comedy – so being judgmental comes in handy.
Her dazzling sense of self-entitlement guides her to tackle the existential questions in life: God, sex or the upsides of PMS. Freddi’s voice is life-affirming but sarcastic, with a strong preference for the auto-biographic.

Doors are 20:30 – show starts 21:00

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